T-TOOL-PRO Activation Renewal Year



Update T-Tool Pro V2.0.0 Date [2020/7/*]

Added New features Added:

#Samsung Unlock Qualcomm And Exynos Devices Free Without balance 

#Samsung Read Cert Qualcomm Devices Free Without balance 

#Samsung Write Cert Qualcomm Devices Free Without balance

#Samsung Change CSC Some Devices Qualcomm

#Samsung Repair Security Exynos Devices

Supported Models:


Added Huawei Update Manufacture Mode/ Add Upgrade Direct Flasher

-Added Read Info Qualcomm in Manufacture Mode

-update Repair Qualcomm in Manufacture Mode Supported[Write Model,Vendor,Country]

-Added Lock Bootloader Hisilicon in Manufacture Mode

-Added Upgrade Flasher Supported Multi Files/Single For Flashing

-Added Upgrade Flasher Supported Qualcomm,Hisilicon

Added Direct Qualcomm Flasher:

-Read Partitions/Edl Rom

-Write Partitions/Edl Rom

-Erase Partitions

-Read Security

-Write Security

-Erase Security


-Support Use Custom Loader/Firehose

Added Qualcomm Repair:

-Bypass write Security [this option bypass Security for spc,meid,imei,esn and allow for write any one without need patch qcn and current spc,pwd Not Support All Qualcomm]

-Send|Reset|Read|Write SPC

-Read|Write QCN


-Roam Config|System Pref|HW Version|SwVersion|Ruim Config|Hybrid Pref|Baner- Force Reset|Send|Read|Write SPC

Added Qualcomm NV Workstation:

-Read|Write Custom QCN

-Read|Write Custom NVF

-Read|Write Custom NV

-Read|Write Custom NV Data [Mobile]

-Support advanced Patcher/Editor QCN|NV|NVF

-Support conversion between different types QCN|NV|NVF

Added Root Explorer[ADB]

-Import/Export File/Files

-Auto Mount Partitions

-Remove File/Files/Folders

-Support Multi/Single Select

Added Extended Explorer:

-Support Files [Ext2/ext3/ext4]

-Explorer File System

-Read Info Files

-Auto Converting Images

-Extract File/Files/Folders from Image

Added Partitions Manager

-Read/Erase Paritions From Android Devices

-Read EDL Frimware By ADB[ROOT]


Delivery time: 1-6 Hours

Service type: Server

Submit to verify allowed: No

Cancellation allowed: No

Order processing: Manual