iMFC Function Activation for 1 Year


This activation allows you to use the iMFC function of the MFC software for 1 year
(without access to the firmwares, iMFC function only).

You don`t need MFC Dongle hardware.

Just create a user account.

Basic Features

iPhone / iPad / iPod / Apple Watch

  • Read general information (all devices)
  • Enter Diagnostic Mode / Change data via USB / DCSD cable (iPhone 7 - X (beta))
  • Restore / Update / Custom flash IPSW
  • Automatic detection of iOS version (even in disabled or untrust mode
  • Able to work with several devices at the same time
  • Real-time log history
  • Support all iOS devices activation / deactivation via USB cable
  • Update / Install / Uninstall / Backup Apps in one click
  • Repair / Update / Restore Apple Watch with iBus tools (S6 is beta)
  • Change mode via USB cable
  • Diagnostics / time setting via (beta) USB cable
MFC screenshot 1
MFC screenshot 1
MFC screenshot 1
MFC screenshot 1

Read Before Buying iMFC Function Activation

iMFC Function 1 Year Activation is a digital product. No shipping. It cannot be refunded or returned.

If you have already purchased MFC Dongle and its activation period is still valid, you do not need to purchase this Activation.

Improper use of this tool may cause data loss or device failure. You perform all the operations at your own risk.

This activation does not allow you to download the Apple Watch firmware on To download the firmware you need iBUS activation.

If your MFC Dongle / iPOWER X / iREWORK device activation period has expired, and you need to use the Apple watch firmware by MFC, you need to activate the iMFC Function as well.

How to buy iMFC Function Activation

  1. Create a user account at

Delivery time: Instant

Service type: Server

Submit to verify allowed: No

Cancellation allowed: No

Order processing: Manual