Samsung KG + Carrier bypass by Perseus team {Only VERIZON}


If you neeed to remove KG plus Unlock the Verizon it work only if your phone in download mode show

 kg Status: normal and locked

Perseus Bypass Official Guide of Install and Instructions Final Revision.


OS Support: ANDROID 11 and ANDROID 12

If you are on Android 10 and want to update, please BEFORE using your QR code use this one that’s meant to update your device to Android 11 at least.

Here is how you do that update ONLY for android 10.

Scan the QR for OTA upgrade, then tap next until you reach the google privacy thing, once there don’t keep going just wait for that big qr code, now with power button and vol down as you were to shut off the device tap repeat the back button and you are now at the home screen, from there just go to settings, connect to Wi-Fi (reconnect) and download your ota straight from Samsung!-


Please follow the guidelines on the document labeled instructions before doing a bypass.

  1. 1)  Check by entering recovery mode (if you don’t know how watch this video)

  2. 2)  Check Download mode before buying (if you don’t know how to enter download mode watch this video)

    Values MUST be like the ones below.

    • -  Samsung Official

    • -  FRP OFF (you can remove it if it’s on)

    • -  KG Status: Locked/Checking/Prenormal if purchasing or other products for non-locked


    • -  OEM Lock: ON

    • -  Warranty Void or Warranty Bit: 0

  3. 3)  If during the scan/install process you see IT Code error that ́s related to the integrity of the policies or user intervention during this.
    Or that you currently have Android 10. You need to update to at least Android 11 One UI 3 to bypass a device.

*Follow the video as-is and you will never have issues*


Delivery time: 1-5 Miniutes

Bulk orders allowed: Yes

Order type: IMEI

Service type: Server

Submit to verify allowed: No

Cancellation allowed: No

Order processing: API