Tethred Bypass icloud activation lock for T2 devices iMac/Macbook pro/Macbook Air/Mac pro (2018-2019-2020)


Mac bypass Tutorial

1 - Drop the App to Applications
2 - If app run just forget that and make jailbreak to your T2 Macs if not open Terminal in your current Mac
3 - Write this xattr -cr and drop the app from the Applications folder and press enter
4 - Check if app runs and make jailbreak

How to restore USE THIS only IF IS NEEDED on Bypass Restore T2 Mac:
Use this for format the Mac https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UaVgBP4gJsU

How to make Jailbreak:
Download and Install Checkra1n https://checkra.in/
Put the locked Mac on DFU and connect to type C port to working Mac

Open Terminal from LaunchPad after this copy and paste:
/Applications/checkra1n.app/Contents/MacOS/checkra1n -c

When it say “Booting” message press Command+ C on your keyboard and run this other command on the same Terminal
/Applications/checkra1n.app/Contents/MacOS/checkra1n -c -v

Verify the message that display like “Boostrap Upload done”

If this mac was WIPED recetly:
Mac jailbreak, use the tool, on recovery go to Disk utility, erase HDD, and Install MacOSX via USB(mainly)

If you just want to reactivate:
Mac jailbreak, use the tool, and Mac will boot normally, dont force shutdown(use always the system), and dont go to DFU or recovery
Download link :  iOpen-T2 

new tutorial with video links inside app link  

7- After bypass done
connect to wifi, it will load internet recovery
in recovery click on disk util, click on SSD, erase,
then close disk Util, and click on reinstall MacOS
do not restart the computer until reinstall MacOS finish.

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